Projects Before & After

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Minute Find

I know many of you out there thrive on finding little treasures that have gone unnoticed. I too feel like I win the lottery each time I am able to find something great . One Saturday morning with optimism in the air I was off in my search for something great.  As I drove from one place to another  not only my day but my spirits were starting to fade. I was determined to come home with something! I went to one last place and as I walked through the dusty isle guided by sunlight coming from the back window I found this chair. A chair with faded green paint peeling off the wood standing alone I knew this was my piece.
 I unscrewed the vinyl seat off and sanded the chair down using my electric sander and sand paper for the little spaces. I completely forgot to take a picture could of been due to my excitement I'm not sure. I went on and painted the chair black which brings out the detailed shape of the wood. Now half of the project was done and the chair was looking a hundred percent better!

I focused my attention to the seat which needed a little attention. I decided to go to Jo-Ann Fabrics for some inspirations where I had to eliminate ruthlessly one print after another. Yet when I stumbled upon this lovely light blue fabric on sale $3 a yard I knew this would look perfect! With the materials I already had at home I gathered a stapler, scissor, batting and of course the fabric and chair.

I cut the fabric and the the batting the same shape as the seat an inch extra all around to give me room to staple. Making sure as I stapled the fabric was smooth and tight so it's not wrinkled once done.

All I had to do now is screw the seat back down to the chair and I have my self a lovely little accent chair! Oh and did I mention that I bought the chair for .50 cents! Total of project $3.50!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Get Hooked!

When it started getting chilly out I was getting sick of the sweaters and the coats all over my living room.. not to mention the missing coats in the morning exactly when we didn't have time to be searching through the house. So I went over to Hobby Lobby and scooped up these adorable little hooks with this welcoming sign above.

The great thing about Hobby Lobby they have those wonderful 50% off on wall decor .Total of this little project was about $15 bucks not bad.

So the insanity of "where's your coat!" and the delay of 5min everyday has ended.  

Not only is it convenient but it looks like art I love the fleur de elise. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lets Get Started!

I believe if you surround yourself with beauty and things that give you comfort it will bring joy to your life. I hope to show you through my projects how simple it is to transform a simple space or item to something beautiful. Hope you get inspired and bring a little creativity to your space!