Projects Before & After

Before and After's

Here is a sad table I purchased at a great price but knew its potential! Brought it in the house just to bring me some color inspiration. 
(chairs next to the table also a great find reupholstering coming soon!)

With sand paper and my very excited 8yr old at hand this project was being conquered. Sanding did require a little bit of elbow grease so I was very happy to have my electric sander at hand. I recommend purchasing one if you like to do a lot of projects it does save you time and not to mention your arm. A standard electric sander  is not expensive I believe mine was about twenty five bucks! not bad and well worth it! Once that was done I grabbed a cloth and dusted of all the left over dust from the sanding. Then with the spray primer I covered the table evenly to make sure the paint will be even.

This quick little project took about 1/2 a Saturday to complete I am including interruptions from my boys and my lovely husband who was working on the car and needed me to give him a wrench here and there. If you have something that might need a little face lift go on dig in you'll be happy you did....